Wordpress maintenance and support

Why is wordpress maintenance and support so important?

Websites are no longer static and are constantly evolving and changing. Without ongoing maintenance and support, a wordpress site becomes a simple target of attack full of security vulnerabilities as time passes. A non-maintained wordpress website will have:

  • Increased risk of security vulnerabilities
  • Reduced plug-in compatibility and reliability.
  • Poor user experience

According to Worpress own statistics in 2021 show that only 46.9% of wordpress-based websites use the latest version of wordpress and only 44.5% use the latest php version. https://wordpress.org/about/stats/ . Percentage of hacked wordpress-based websites, 61% were websites that had not been updated. 52% of these hacks were due to outdated plug-ins. This is the main reason why a wordpress website needs consistent maintenance.

Without regular maintenance, your website can experience bugs in both design and functionality, which can result in a drop in website load speed and could lead to it falling victim to a malicious attack. In addition, this will lead to a reduced user experience and your website may be blacklisted by search engines as unsafe and untrustworthy. In the event of hacking, the page may also be blocked by the web hosting provider. To avoid such incidents, your website needs to be regularly maintained, or better still, entrust the maintenance and security of your website to professionals and focus on the core of your business.

Without regular maintenance, your website will not be able to take advantage of new plug-in and theme functionalitys and improved performance. You will also miss out on the bug fixes that come with updates that developers regularly release.

We ensure that the website is secure and up-to-date. Every week we update your plugins, themes and wordpress core, create backups of your website that we store securely in the cloud, perform security checks and much more. This is all done mostly outside of office hours to ensure minimal disruption to your website visitors. Our maintenance services helps to protect you from malicious cyber-attacks, we constantly monitor that the website is up and running and backups quarantines that you can recover quickly from any attack. A list of maintenance and support packages can be found below the page. Our WordPress maintenance packages start at 29€ a quarter.

What is a wordpress website maintenance and support service?

A website needs the right maintenance and upgrades to ensure long term smooth operation. By using our service, you can be sure that:

  • Your wordpress, theme and plug-ins are constantly updated.
  • The website is monitored 24/7 and secured on multiple levels.
  • Website backups are securely backed up in the cloud.
  • In the event of problems, there is always customer support available to assist.
  • Restoration of the website in the event of an attack is guaranteed.

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Do I need WordPress maintenance service?

Absolutely! Although you may not add or change content on the site, it doesn't mean your website is static. The themes and plugins used to design and enhance the website are created by someone else, which means you're giving those plugins access to the most up-to-date and secure options. Developers often release security patches and updates to fix problems and to eliminate new bugs or threats.

WordPress website maintenance packages

Monthly fee for the annual billing period

WordPress Maintenance Lite

Save €40 per year

/ Quarter

Quarterly WordPress, theme and plug-in updates

Quarterly back-up copy

Response time within 24h

WordPress Maintenance

Save €90 per year

/ Month

Monthly WordPress, theme and plug-in updates

Monthly backups

Response time within 24h

Woocommerce e-shop Maintenance

Save €288 per year

/ Month

Monthly WordPress, theme and plug-in updates

Monthly backups

Response time within 24h

WordPress Support

Save up to 120€ yearly

/ Month

Customer support - By phone, email or chat. For all possible wordpress related questions or problems. Questions will be answered as soon as possible according to customer support hours.

Up to 2h of customer support, development, improvement or content work per month

Response time within 12h